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Having the ability to sing is God’s gift and it is necessary to nourish this gift with proper training and practice. Many leave this innate skill due to lack of good institutes who could teach and time for training and practice that will not hinder their studies or job. The good news is that one can learn music online as well. Internet has been widely used as a mode of education today. It is an amazing fact that one can learn Indian classical music online.

The major advantage of taking Indian classical music lessons online is that the students from any geographical locations can take part in the classes, moreover they can learn at their own pace. Here the classes are conducted on a one on one basis. It is an ideal way to learn Indian classical music online by choosing the time that is suited for them. Anyone who is ardent about music can have the joy of learning music without worrying about the time and pace. The students, who want to get Indian classical music lessons, may need to have these four points with them like,

  • High speed broadband / 3G connection preferably 1mbps for better results.
  • A decent quality webcam
  • Microphone ( for desktops) / headset
  • Speakers

Here is one of the renowned institutions in Pune which provides an opportunity to the students to learn music online. Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, the institute which is setup to materialise the vision of the great musicologist Late Pandit V.D. Paluskar, to impart music lessons to all the people who wish to make music part of their career. It is one institution that is ready to provide all the facilities to learn Indian classical music online. The main advantages of learning music online are that,

  • No need to travel miles to go to classes.
  • No need of spending extra time
  • The music classes can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
  • The fees can also be paid by sitting at home online


At Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, students get an opportunity to learn Indian classical music online which is conducted at par with international levels. Here a syllabus is followed that prepares the students to perform at international concerts with confidence. The Indian classical music lessons that are done through online are taken on the free video sharing website known as the Skype. Students who enrol to learn music online get lessons in Indian classical music as per fixed time schedule that is comfortable for the students. Here at GMV, the students can enrol anytime of the year for Indian classical music lessons online.